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New wine press hall and vinotheque

Ecology, sustainability and innovation under one roof

The Sauer organic winery in Nußdorf (Rhineland-Palatinate) has had a new wine press hall with adjoining vinotheque since its completion in early 2021.
In order to reflect the winegrowing family's guiding principles of ecology, sustainability and innovation in the construction and planning of the new buildings, an innovative timber construction with modern wood-based materials was chosen.

The wine press hall with a floor area of approx. 345 m2 and a height of 5.75 m has a gabled roof with a 5° pitch.
The basic concept for the roof construction is to realise both the vertical load transfer and the horizontal bracing via a single level. The use of 16 cm thick elements made of cross-laminated timber (CLT) makes it possible to realise this idea.

The roof elements, which are coupled together in a shear-resistant manner, continuously transfer the horizontal loads from wind or earthquakes to the eaves and gable walls in timber panel construction.
At the same time, they form the top chord for a roof truss. Every 2.80 metres, the CLT elements, which are braced with posts and a two-part glulam tension strip, transfer the vertical loads to the main supports in the eaves wall.

The core of the roof truss is formed by a shear beam and a support beam made of the high-performance timber material BauBuche. The high roof loads are connected efficiently via contact and with the help of fully threaded screws screwed in at an angle of 45°.

The vinotheque with a floor plan of approx. 20 metres wide and 24.0 metres long is directly adjacent to the wine press hall. The representative building is realised in timber panel construction and has a full basement. The height of the timber construction is approx. 4.30 metres. Rammed earth walls are integrated into the building, and cross-laminated timber roof elements are also used for the flat roof. The entire east side of the vinotheque consists of a window front with access to a terrace overlooking the Rhine plain.